Why is Free Web Page Counters free?
Free Web Page Counters takes advantage of the fact that people are curious and will attempt to view the sponsor link. By selling clickthroughs to our sponsors, your counter and bandwidth are paid for by your sponsor. The best part of Free Web Page Counters is that our counter has a sleek and professional appearance. Your sponsor link is small and barely noticeable. Other free counter services request that you place large unsightly banners or pop ups to use their free service.

What kind of sponsor will your web counter receive?
The sponsor you receive on your counter is one that has been personally reviewed and approved by Free Web Page Counters. We do not accept pornographic, sexual-related, racist or political type web sites as sponsors. Once your web counter is installed, your sponsor link will remain the same forever. If you receive a sponsor link that you feel conflicts with your own companies interests, just download and install another counter to receive a different sponsor! Also, sponsors have no way of knowing what counters they are endorsing. It is a completely random process so you can never be contacted by a sponsor, or anyone else.

No Spam!
Almost all free web counters have an angle that involves selling your personal information to other companies, selling or spamming your e-mail address, or trying to upgrade your services to a paid system. Not Free Web Page Counters. We guarantee that you will never be contacted by anyone - even us - and your email will NEVER be sold or given away, because we don't ask for it!

Interested in Advertising?
If you're interested in advertising or want to learn more, feel free to contact us or email us at advertising@free-web-page-counters.com. We offer targeted clickthroughs to your site with a variety of packages designed to fit any budget.


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